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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Hey everyone theres some new updates on the site under the cards and interior art section. some okay some not so okay lol. I'm hoping to get a couple more pieces done for spacetime up there along with some recent cover work - NDAs and all :-/

Interior Art



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hii Kieran, im an art student from bangalore...accidentally came across your website "" with loads of concept art illustrations. Most of your illustrations and brush strokes with keen accuracy made me very interesting and fact i was just swiped away by your color pallet.
Your illustrations have been an inspiration. As i ventured through all of your works and few links, it was really a cense of sadness to find the TUTORIAL column to be empty. Please, please i request you to post in some tutorials or if you could mail me few of your links, where i could find the way you start with an illustration and your work flow & mannerism, it would really help a'mature artists like me. I have been a regular visitor of,,, and many more learning based websites where i get to come across inspiration.
On a whole your illustrations are amazing and the way you handle the brush strokes are awesome.

All i request you is to post in few tutorials describing your work flow, and i really thanku for having uploaded the photoshop brushes.
Ravi Here

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